“Evangelism is the homiletical announcement and the ecclesial enactment of fact of God’s invasion of our history in Jesus and thereby God’s creation of a new world” –The intrusive Word, 86

Yes.  Thank you William Willimon for good and true words in the midst of what can be confusing.  The bulk of Evangelism is on the preacher.  The one called to announce to those sitting in-front of him of God’s invasion.

What a great way to think of the work of God in the Sacraments.   Willimon does not go here, but I will.  An invasion.  Invasion of our lifes, selves, thoughts, and minds.  Yes, he drags us into him Kingdom.  No free will about it.  We are taken against our evil fleshy Wills, just as we are, and what is brought about is truly Evangelistic.  Conversion!  Actual true and blessed conversion.  Death to life, dark to light, tasteless to salty.

The creation of a new world ex nihilo–out of nothing–is the pinnacle of Mercy and grace.  It is election at its finest.  An untamed God doing to work he wants to do despite our objections.  Create a world.  Create a new world.  Create a people. Create a new people.

So when preachers get into the pulpit and pander to free will I want to vomit.  The problem is not understanding, at least not most of the time.  Things need to be explain, exegetics must happen, words must be explained, and theology–good theology–must be taught and refreshed.  But, in the end if there is no announcement, then the Will is left to decide to believe these things or not and Christianities Truth becomes subject.

This is the horrible nature our world and many preacher have fallen into.  There is a fact/value distinction out there.  What is not fact is then only value.  And, for a long time, convinced of its place, the Scripture and teaching of the church was an unadulterated fact.  But now, not so much.  So now, because there is too much that cannot be proven, we have relegated ourselves to a value.  In our preaching, in our teaching, we go as if validation is the goal.  Preaching information that leaves us all Arminian rather than continuing the work and ministry of the Apostles and Christ before them of electing, working, doing the sacraments.

Evangelism is the Preachers proper place and work.  At least, that is my opinion.