For some reason I enjoy watching birds.  I never really had the chance in St. Louis to do so.  Where we lived there were not too many trees and there were not too may birds that would sit so close.  Here in our home I can sit at my kitchen table and watch hummingbirds.  They are only 24 inches away from my face.  They are lovely creatures.

Right now as I am typing a Cardinal swoops down onto the feeder that is just a few more feet out in the yard.  I am not too sure why they are so attractive to me?  The beauty?  The variety?  The freedom?  Perhaps it is my lingering boyhood desire to fly?  Whatever the reason I sit here with my daughter and my coffee and I watch the birds.  They are a gentle reminder to me of my place before God.  There it is!  This is perhaps the greatest reason I love to watch them.  They are a gentle reminder to me that God is God and even I am his creature.  I holding my daughter watching the birds.