Completely Overwhelmed

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The title says it all.  We are overwhelmed by it all.  I am called to be the Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church of Oskaloosa, Iowa.  My child will be a Hawkeye, I am a University of Texas fan and my wife grew up in Arkansas.  What a collision of inter-mural worlds our family might end up being.  Of course, this is but a minor element of what has happened in our lives.

I am left wondering, constantly for the last two days, who am I that I should be called to serve these people?  If it were my doing I would have already made such a mess of things.  We see here nothing more than the Grace of God.  May He continue to be so good to us all as we struggle in our faithfulness to Him.


On Another Note…

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I am seriously interested in the reactions to the death of Osama.  I think I am most interested in how our theology of vocation and two kingdoms is used in various ways to say, well, to say whatever.  I do not know much anything other than, us Americans look like Afganis, or Iraqis when we dance around in the streets celebrating the death of an enemy/infidel.

I am unsure how any of our theologies permit us in any way from celebrating the death of a human, even one as vile as he showed himself to be.  Of course I might be ignorant of interpretations.

36 Hours

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The title of the post says everything.  I have been silent on account of work and conversation with my wife.  We are talking about what our lives will look like after tomorrow.  We are mostly talking about how we will actually be able to plan things.  What hospital will we have our child in?  How long will the drive be?  Parsonage?  These will all be nice things to have an idea about.

I will say this, I have had more conversations with myself (or God) in the last few weeks than I remember myself having ever before.  I guess that is appropriate.  36 Hours.