I kept remembering last night the opening to Kleinig’s fabulous book Grace upon Grace.  It is the opening which tells us about how his father took him from the pew and held him at the rail, against his bosom, as they together celebrated the sacrament as they could.  And then, returning to their pew, folded hands in the same way and prayed together.  Formation it might be called.  Praxis by others.  Fatherhood by still others.  Love, care, heritage, yes all these things.

I will be called in less than 30 days to be the father of a flock of sheep.  I will be called by the church to be faithful to her Lord against all other Lords and Kings should they wish to intrude.  That sort of call and faithfulness is a bit unnerving.  Scary in the most bone-shattering and earth-moving way.  When I reflect on this I understand why Jeremiah was a weepy prophet. Jeremiah could not escape God and God’s desire to have His way with Jeremiah for his people.  In the same this is our Lord’s prayer in the Garden.  When the Will of God is faithfulness to Him and the burden of sin, death, and fear is great we might be led to weep tears of blood.

Here I am on a Tuesday morning considering this task which I will be given.  Who would want this task?  Fools.