I was a missionary in Taiwan for a little while.  I was there and taught English and at the same time was to be a missionary.  This was during the terribly gluttonous years of LCMS World Mission.  Now there is another place that actually needs missionaries of the Gospel, and I wonder what we are doing?

Prayer is powerful, but prayer isn’t enough.  If prayer were enough I think the gospels would read much differently.  I wonder if we have the guts to send one missionary to Japan?  One man to preach the gospel purely would not show a ton of guts but at least some.

I think this is again a challenge to us.  I think it is a challenge for us because we (Lutherans in America) have always had a rich history of sending missionaries–within our own country and without–to places where they were needed at moment when they were needed.  I should say places like Japan and moments like right now.  So we have to answer a question like, “what has happened to us?”  Why just initiative to prayer?  I am also not talking about money.  Do not get the idea that I want a national offering.  Unless that national offering is to go to missionaries and churches in Japan.

That is what I was struck with last night as I was asleep.  We do not seem to have any teeth anymore.  We are gumming the church to death with a gospel that has no teeth in America and the church is worse off for it–and so is the World.