I am not yet sure how to feel about this being the last beginning to a quarter?  I am excited to type this.  But, at the same time incredibly nervous and apprehensive.  I am almost finished. I think that is a good place to be.  Not finished, even though that is nice, but excited and apprehensive.

I can trace where I have come from in my theology from whence I first arrived.  That is an amazing thing to do.  Where I was was no place to be–no good place that is.  I came in nervous I would look like an idiot.  I am leaving knowing I am an idiot.  I came in thinking I was ready to be a pastor.  I am leaving knowing I have no claim to be.  I came in thinking I knew who God.  I am leaving with an elementary education–if that!

Seminary has been good.  But, it has been good because I stumbled into it and then treasured what I found.  Like a poor sap walking through a field and stumbling over treasure I stumbled onto a great seminary education.  It does not just happen.  For sure that is not the case–not anymore and maybe not ever.  But, if you take the time to wander about a  bit you might stumble onto a theologian.  You might find out that being a pastor is no profession and the church is no place for managing and therapy.