Preaching is my thing.  That does not mean I am great at it.  That does not mean I am good.  But I like preaching.  I think, at this point in the churches history, it is the most important thing that happens in the service.

My wife objects.  She says it is the Eucharist.  I agree.  But for the Now time, preaching is the most important.  This is true because church has become suffocatingly doctrinal.  What I mean by that is; church has become a series of words and actions repeated over time to be ingrained as habit.  Granted, not all of that is bad.  I think Luther would agree that there are many things that just need to be repeated and habituated into us.  However, I think he might object to people answering the question of, “Why go to church?  Why take the Eucharist?” with, “I dunno, this is just what we do,” a regularly as I have heard it.  This is why I think preaching is the most important moment in the liturgy nowadays, of course that is debatable.

To use the subtitle from Stanley Hauerwas’ book A Cross-Shattered Church, I am interested in “Reclaiming the Theological Heart of Preaching.” because I fear it is lost.

We are in a point when even mentioning the name of God or Jesus in a homily is rare.  Of course it might not be for the people reading this blog, but it is certainly rare.  But for those of us who are fond of recounting the work of God in His only Son to redeem the world, our preaching might not be theological either.

Are we preaching too much doctrine and not enough God?  For theology is not a matter of doctrine as much as it is a matter of the preacher being Authorized by God to preach God.