In the midst of writing and thinking about preaching in the Lutheran Church-MS I came to the conclusion that there are some preachers whose theology in preaching speaks of a God Christians do not claim.  Jesus authorizes theological preaching.  This seems like an obvious statement but sadly is one we need to hear.  Perhaps no one who reads this will need to be reminded of it but perhaps your nearby brethren do.

Jesus’ authorization to preach is rooted in Him.  He has authority from His Father to tell us men, preach to my people.  And tell them the story you have seen before your eyes.  Tell them of my work to do all God promised to your fathers.  Tell them of my life, death, resurrection, and ascension.  In this way He authorizes our theological preaching.   We are to speak for that God.  We are to speak in His name.  We are to give His gifts.  We are to tell His story.  And how we are caught up in that story.

Who is the God you preach?  What would your parishioners say?  Is He the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  Is He the God Jesus prayed to and also the God Jesus is?  Jesus authorizes His Apostles to preach Theologically.  This is what we see in Acts.  They preach the Theology of the Cross.  They preach with a Trinitarian bent.  They preach as they are told and as they have witnessed.  How could we think to do better?

And yet we do.  Gadgetry and Boredom seem to fill too many sermons rather than Theology.  Theology seems to have ended for some.  I am not sure what assumptions or lies have led to this being the case.  This is a problem.