I do not know if fatherhood will lead me to post more or less?  Will I have more to think about or less?  No doubt my thoughts will most likely lean toward matters familial.

Praise be to God for the blessing of this child!  We will be: receiving a call/placement, moving, renting/buying  home, and having a child all within 60 days of one-thing-and-another.

I am tempted to ask for advice.  However, that assumes that your child, wife, pregnancy, and self are similar in some way to what we will experience here.  And, that might be true.  But, I also do not want to make that assumption.  So, if you have any advice, wisdom, or words that you found a comfort or jolt please share them.

This journey will be fun.  What mystery awaits?!  A new vocation indeed!

We are calling it Bean.  It is 11 weeks old this week, going on 12.  What an amazing creation our God has put together for us, and let us be a part of and participate in!  I am dumbfounded, daily, over the amount of change that takes place within my wife, and within our lives.  Prayer and devotion, singing and speaking have all become of utmost importance.  Thanks be to God again for His great work in us.