I woke up yesterday thinking I was helping in chapel at the Seminary.  I took my alb.  I did not know the prayers or the readings.  I arrived at the Sem extra early.  I try to find the dean of the chapel or the preacher for the day.  I cannot find either.  My anxiety rises a bit.

I walk into my first class.  A friend is sitting there dressed in his clerical collar too.  “Are you helping with chapel also?”  “No, I am leading morning prayer.  Are you helping with chapel?”  “Uh…”  I come to find out that the Monday I am helping with chapel is January 17.  Ha!  I think it is time to read email a little more carefully.

Reading a bit more carefully.  That is a novel idea (no pun intended).  I feel like I have read more in the last weeks than I did all of my seminary career before this time.  Read, and read carefully.