In the baptismal formula of the LSB Agenda we pray that the sins of the person being Baptized would be drowned and die.  I pray this also for the 1980’s in the Lutheran Church.

Tony Cook, a professor of the Seminary and friend of mine, comes under fire.  He specifically focuses on postmodern theology and thought, which is now even transitioning to post-colonial, post-constantinian theology and thought.  He comes under fire because some of the brethren see postmodern theology and thought as an enemy of historical church and churchly thought and practice.  I disagree.  Let this man be!  And let his thoughts flourish.  I will be the first to say I do not agree with Professor Cook on all the avenues he takes in thinking and conclusions he ends up with in practice.  But, one of his thesis of thought is “let the 80’s die, and be Lutheran in everything you do.”  Let that thinking, and doing flourish!

Stop trying to assimilate 1980’s methobapticostal worship practices: preaching, hymnody, and fellowship into the life of the Lutheran church.  We are Lutheran for a reason.  Our Theology shapes what we do, however we have lost that.  Prof. Cook will be the first to tell you that the “new” evangelical is becoming a creedal, sacramental, liturgical group because they see the historical link to the early church and are beginning to desire that connection.  We have that.  It is what Luther reclaimed in the Reformation.  It is what the confessional writers sealed in the Book of Concord.  It was what was preserved in the formation of the LC-MS in America, and NOW is the time when it must needs be embraced by all Lutheran churches and ministers.

All this comes from the feeble mind of a man who is not yet authorized to think such things and have such opinions.  Take it all for what it is worth.  Be Lutheran my friends.