Changes at the seminary.  Today there is no chapel, but small groups.  I do not know what that means.

I spoke at length with an Anglican man this last week.  He was attending the symposium.  We entered into conversation when I noticed him milling around one of the end of the day mixers without anyone talking to him.  I went over, introduced myself, and we began talking.  I went in with the usual, (sadly too usual) mindset toward liberal anglican church types.  I was shocked after a few moments.

Now the man held a theology much like the one held by the men who walked out of the Seminary.  However, that did not seem to interfere with our conversation as much as I thought.  There were four areas of which he spoke with which I resonated.  I do not know if I will remember them all, but I will try.

  1. He was amazed that the Synod is not supporting the students of the Seminary with full tuition.  He was then even further amazed at our “screening process.”
  2. He was shocked that our entire school day was not oriented around the prayers of the church in the daily offices.
  3. He could not believe that there would be any other man other than the pastor who would officiate over the Lord’s Supper.  (We talked about this when I stumbled onto the fact that there are churches and pastors who authorize vicars and laymen to preside over the Eucharist.)
  4. I do not remember this one.  Perhaps it will come to me later.

Changes at the seminary?

Needless to say I believe there is a great interconnection between some of these points, the first two specifically.  The prayer life of the men at the seminary is to be one, in my opinion, that is a beacon to the church.  However, chapel and the prayers in certain cases is despised, no matter what camp of the worship wars you fall into.  Just sad.  However, I must refrain from attending chapel certain days because my family needs support from me.  I need to work.  So I have a job on campus and a few others which make ends meet.  If I am not worried about tuition cost, perhaps my wife and I are living on campus, participating in daily prayer…  If there were to be a more rigorous admittance policy and not one based on the fake necessity for more pastors, I think that might help also.  Limit the men coming in a focus on the ones you admit.  There are obviously other veins that can be thought through. Those are my thoughts on what my Anglican Conversation pal and I spoke of.