I looked up from hymn 557.  Guntars is holding the hands of his two sons.  They come down from the rail, behind the pulpit, his boys are swinging on the tree-trunks which resemble normal human arms.  Smiles all around.

“In every need, seek Him indeed, to every heart, He will impart, His blessings without measure.”  I think his sons believed this hearty message.  As we sang their smiles grew.  They might have gown because they were spending time with their father and savior.

I look to my right and there is Rev. Fr. Harrison.  Needless to say, I was not expecting him being there.  I whispered like a two year old to my friend next to me, “do you see who that is?”  Obviously I was expecting him to have already started his international jet-setting which I had become more familiar with for presidents of our Synod over the last few years.  No, he was there with us.  By himself, as a man before God, like us all.

I like the image of the President of our Missouri Synod being at the Seminary with us.  Kneeling, with other men and women who do not know each other but who are bound together by the eating and drinking of bread and wine-body and blood. He is not above me, below me.  He is a man in need of forgiveness and regeneration as we all are.  There is no prestige at the rail.  There is no superiority among those who kneel.  We are there, all, as sinners before the Incarnate One.