Sadness, or maybe exhaustion.  They seem to have similar traits.  When a human is sad or exhausted their shoulders drop.  They stare.  The focus on one spot for a long time.  They want stability.  Rest from what they have been through in locked vision.

She was hanging onto the metro rail.  Staring.  She looked sad or exhausted-maybe both.  I wanted to speak to her but I was afraid.  I did not want to disturb her rest.  I did not want to take away what might-have-been her only chance to be still, silent, calm, collected, even if there were dozens of people sardined around her.

To many times I see these stares in the church.  Looking for rest from their labor and ends to their sadness.  Perhaps I should have been more courageous.  Rest does not come in momentary amnesia but in conquering victory.  Exhale.  The battle is one and the war over.  All you who are weak and heavy laden are free.  All you who are broken hearted and injured are bound up and healed.

Do not be afraid and do not let your hearts be trouble.  This world is overcome.  A new life is dawned with its light secured in the Body and Blood of Christ.  Repent, join-up, the Kingdom is here and now.