I thought it would be easy.  But, falling asleep has never been more difficult.

Melvin, one of our dogs began whining.  Sometimes that happens in the night.  He wants to stretch his legs out of his kennel.  I hear him, wake up, get up, and take him out.  It is 4 a.m..  I put him back in his kennel and came upstairs.

I crossed the top step.  Turned to go into my room.  There was Cassie and then there was the scream.

It was  blood curdling I-think-I-am-about-to-get-stabbed kind of scream.  Loud, ringing in my ears.  I did not know what was going on.  Is someone behind me!  No. She is half asleep.  She thinks I am in bed because I had not thrown off the covers when I got up.  She hears me close the basement door.  She gets out of bed thinking someone is in the house without waking me up.  She screams.

The scream was like a baseball bat.  Not one of the new ones.  A Babe Ruth bat.  68 oz. of hard wood across the face and teeth.  It killed me with fear.  I fell down to my knees.  Exhaling and screaming in a weird mix of vocalizations “Its Me, Its Me!”  I was there on the floor for ten minutes.  Crying.  As Cassie, laughing in the bed, called me back to bed.

“Why are you crying?  What did you think was happening?”  she asks.  “I don’t know.  This is not one of my most rational moments.  it is 4 a.m. and I was expecting to come back up here with you laying all over my side of the bed.  I was half asleep.  Damn, there is no way I am getting back to sleep now!”

Through her laughter, over my crying mixed now with laughing, she says, “I think you will be able to fall right back to sleep.”

At 5:30 a.m. I think it finally happened.  Falling asleep has never been so difficult.  I still do not know what happened really.

I am glad I did not have a handgun anywhere.