Longer Days

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The days seem long.  Even though they are getting shorter than before, they are long.  It is that time right before class. The time when your thoughts dominate.  That time is now.

What will this year bring?  What won’t it?  Will we be able to afford whatever happens?

These thoughts linger in my brain making the days long.  The devil’s playground.  Whispers in my mind.  Faith is assaulted.  Battered.

The Word is where my hope lies.  Pledging Resurrection.   Faith is kindled.


I am hopeful

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after last night talking with some friends of mine.  We were all on vicarage and agree in our hope.  We were mutually worried about our calls.  We have all experienced “Lutheranism” on vicarage.

What I mean by “Lutheranism” is those places and peoples who are Lutheran by name only but Methobapticostal by thought, belief, and practice.  We all conceded that the reason for such people and places is poor pastoring.  Methobapticostal people come from Methobapticostal preachers and teachers.

So, we are worried about being Lutheran, really Lutheran in belief and practice, and surviving in our parishes.

God help us in every way.

The Greatness of the Preached Word to the Heart

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I did not realize what I would miss most.  I thought the people.  I thought the home.  But, it was the Word preached.  At my current reflection on the last year, the purity of the preached Word is what I miss most.

I went to church last Sunday.  It was called a Lutheran church.  Only, as I am saddened, what is in a name?

At least there was confession and absolution, and the Creed.  If not for those two pieces of blessed liturgy there might not have been any proclamation at all.  Needless to say, thank God for Pastors Gleason, Fritsche, Curtis, Weedon, and the like.

Preach Ye the Word and Drive it Home.