When I wake up usually I have terrible breathe…don’t we all?  Coffee, though, seems to cover over the funk like the humidity covers over my body when I walk out of my front door in the morning.  Coffee the rich, slightly bitter bite of dark roasted coffee is more welcome than the burn of Listerine.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee I love it.

Before I was married to my wife I did not drink coffee all that much.  That is not to say I needed coffee because I married my wife.  That is to say she was a regular coffee drinker then we were married.  I worked at a coffee shop for that very reason I believe.

What are all the benefits of coffee?  I have no idea.  Suppressing morning breathe, increased morning activity, higher motor function and alertness, these all seem to be benefits.  Drawbacks?  I would think jitters are the worst, perhaps an upset stomach if you are so bold to drink several cups without any food on your stomach.  If wisely taken for the individual taker, because like beer we all have our different tolerances, coffee is a magical ground bean.  Another magical fruit.