The Whole Church throughout all the World is being conformed to the image of Her Husband.  At the Cross:  that is where we fall.  That is the scary, dumbfounding place where we flee.  We disciples as individuals are bound to do so.  However, after the Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost courage comes with Him.  Conviction is granted to individuals, and the church.  We are brought together in the knowledge of the Truth.  The Truth being that Jesus Christ, the Captain of the Vessel the church and the Husband of His Bride has defeated our enemies.

He is the New Adam.  He does not shirk His spiritual and physical care of His Bride as Adam did.  He is no feminist Dr. Louis Brighton might say.  He does no lay aside the role in which He was placed.  He is the Good Husband.  We, the church, are the Whoreish wife.  Shall we be content with our whoreishness?  I would pray not.  I would pray we fight knowing the victory over our sin is ours by our Husbands doing.  As individuals we are called by our Baptism, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to fight against sin and die to it daily.  Like our husband be raised to a new life.  Live in that new life by the Power of the Spirit in submission and constancy.

Go to the Cross and do not be afraid.  From there you will be dragged out of death into life by the powerful arms of God.  You will not do it on your own, so God does it for you.  If by Faith you die, by that same faith you will be raised.   A faithfulness that is Christ.  A faith inspired and encouraged by the Spirit of Truth who bears witness about Christ in you.  By living a life in Christ you learn you are no better than Christ.  You will grow to know Crosses well.   For if they hated Christ and killed Him they will also do the same to you and me for being en Christos.

It is easy to fear.  When you see in the world around infidelity, divorce, and the decay of family.  It is easy to doubt that your husband will remain with you when you are so unfaithful to Him.  Do not be afraid.  He is nothing like earthly men.  His heart is not swayed by beauty around Him.  His eyes have no other object but you.  His beloved bride is His entire desire.  Not others infatuate Him.  He loves you perfectly without equivocation.  He will never walk away from you.

It is hard for us to imagine a husband remaining with an unfaithful woman.  It is perhaps even harder for us to imagine a woman would remain with an abusive husband.  If the man or woman goes back to their spouse again and again in love and forgiveness we scoff.  “What a fool”  Indeed what a fool Christ looks to this world.  Returning to us again and again.  Out of pure love without ulterior motives.  We whore around, we beat the face of God, we abuse His Grace and yet again and again He comes to us.  Wipes away the sin and again raises us to be perfect and white clothed in righteousness.  His wisdom, His ways, are nothing like ours.  Thank God for that.