Walther writes in his work Law & Gospel, Dau ed., in thesis five I believe that when a man enters into the seminary he knows all things and when he is in his fourth year he knows very little, if nothing about theology and the church.

Vicarage conforms us to the image of the Son.

If there is one way, when vicarage is conducted in its proper order as prescribed by the Synod and Seminary, it is the submission to the Bishop.  Jesus Christ submitted all authority to His Father’s Will of salvation for Creation, specifically humanity.  My Submission to the Bishop, as well as the church, has perhaps been the greatest advancement Spiritually this year.

I know nothing of the ways of God.  I know no reason why I ought to be a called man into the office of the ministry.  I am an outsider in my own family and considered to arrogant and impatient in ministry and care.  I submit to the whole authority and history of the church and am considered narrow-minded.  I hold the Office in High Regard and am considered to tend toward Clericalism, which I do not even know about.

The image of the Son is submission to the Will of God.  I will submit all the more as the Will of God is revealed to me through the Son.