This year has  taught me a great deal.  More than ought to be attempted captured in a post here.  Roughly 5 weeks.  We have all the arrangements made.  We are moving back to St. Louis on the 17th of July.  We would rather not move again.

Not for the hastle of moving mind you.  We have grown to love this town.  We have friends.  We love our neighbors.  We like the smallness and quite atmosphere.  There are few cars on the road.  More bikes than anything.  There are few sirens in the middle of the night, but there are midnight trains.

Next year brings more class.  I am bittersweet to it all.  I acknowledge the benefit to me as I am learning.  I acknowledge my desire not to be in rooms for another year.  Tension seems to have followed my life for more than 6 years now.  I am ready for the tension to end.  It is a tension between permanence and impermanence.

My first parish, God willing, will be my paradise.  Permanence, Ministry, people to love and struggle alongside, and a garden to grow.  By the Grace of God this will come to us.  Hopefully He will find us worthy of such things.