I love fishing.  It is perhaps my favorite activity.  Is it a hobby?  Yes, I guess.  Although, I am more bound to call it a passion.  I will, at the end of this month, sit in a boat on my father-in-laws lake and fish all morning and night.  I really will.  I can be out on the water fishing, thinking about nothing except fishing, and be content.  I will most likely spend most of my time trying to find out where a lunker Bass is hiding, or some of the slab Crappie are hanging out.  I am guessing his lake is about 15-17 acres in size with a max depth of 30+ feet.

Yesterday I went to a farm pond near Staunton.  I spent about 30 minutes pulling 40-50 crappie out of one spot in the pond.  It was awesome.  There must be slabs in there, I just have not found them.  Then again, there might just be a ton of smaller ones.  I think the owner only cares about having bass.  He said I could take as many crappie as I wanted out of there.  I might just have to do that.  Cleaning fish is not my favorite activity.  I am a cacth-and-release kind of guy.  If the Crappie are huge though, then they are going home with me.

I love fishing.  I cannot wait to be in another place where I can find all the little holes to fish.