This morning right in the middle of what is usually a very relaxed and light-hearted breakfast with elders Politicians came through the doors.  We should have known something was wrong when there were several women with political shirts on streaming through the door.  Soon, I think since we were some of the only men in the place, we had two gentlemen come with their political speaking.  

I do not know what to make of American politics.  I am skeptical of “public-servants” living in their own community and not the communities they say they serve.  I am wary especially of anyone whose desire is a Christian State.  I do not understand that thinking at all.  God’s desire is not to make America a new Israel.  If that were the case anyway we ought to let this current political system fall apart completely, and return to Monarchical Reign.  This might be one reason why I think our “founding fathers” were morons.

The entire basis of this country and its constitution as I see it is the individual secular autonomous  moral man.  Kant, Descarte, and Sartre are so proud.  My personal freedom-of religion-is the most important thing to me…look where that has got us.  A government apathetic to the actual needs of the population and “freedom” ( perhaps not completely but close),and serving to sustain the institution, and apathetic Christianity obsessed with political reform and a diminished desire for unity and commonality but desiring growth, prosperity, influence and power in the world.

We can bastardize Scripture to bolster political work too.  I was told today, “faith without works is dead” when one of these guys got fed up with me.  My faith without political works for good is dead is basically what he said whether he knew it or not.  I did not get into the fact that he totally misused scripture.  I am sure that is what he has grown up with.  Scripture being a guide for politics and guilt driven morals.  Not the revelation of God’s formation of a separate community of faith over-and-against civil politics.

Uhhhhhh…I just had to get that all out.  I hate having all that stuffed up inside of my brain while I am trying to Spiritually prepare to preach this weekend and learn from wise men later this morning.