My First Carpentry Work

I said yesterday morning with the dogs around me that I thought the day would be a good exercise, and I was right.

First, the day was great because of the fast.  I tried to strictly fast.  I had a few small sips of water throughout the day.  Again, I am convinced, we Christians do not know how much power the devil has in our flesh.  I was amazed at how quickly I lost focus no prayer and meditation because of my stomach.  Eleven o’clock brought with it s gurgling sound.  I tried to move out of one position to another and felt a knot in my mid-section.  I was distracted in the middle of the quiet devotional/prayer time inserted throughout the day; tricky devil.  Fasting is truly a lost discipline in our church.

Secondly, the day was great because of the preaching of the word.  Pastor  Kirby addressed fasting and its benefits.  He did a wonderful job in the middle of the day to re-focus my, our, attention on just why we had come together at that place.  Pr. Mueller then gave a wonderful address on the difficulties of the ministry.  In a similar fashion to the homily Matt Harrison recently delivered at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana Pr. Mueller pulled no punches about the office of the ministry, it is hard and the devil tries to kill you through the office while God is reaching through the office to His people.  Wonderful to hear faithful preaching anytime.

Thirdly, the day was great because of private confession/absolution.  Another lost gem.  Why has this slipped out of our practicing of Lutheran Faithfulness?  I am dumbfounded.

Some drawbacks to the day:

The weekend it was planned on; that is the big one.  No Saturday convocations work to draw lay people this time of year.  In the middle of February perhaps, early May…no way.  I do think a Monday or Tuesday would have worked better.  I think laity would have rather taken a day from work than taken a Saturday away from their families.  All of that I say not even considering the fact this weekend was mothers day weekend.  I do think that ought not to matter but I am not so naive.

Another very minor draw back was the CPH presentations on account of their length.  The day seemed to stumble into these presentations.  45 minutes seems like an awful long time to present on The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB).  THe Treasury of Daily Prayer presentation was quite helpful, as well as Bakers presentation about the Bible Study resources.  However, they were longer than I had thought they would be.  It was hard enough to focus on prayer and the Word.

I came home to my family.  I was tired.  I had some wine and a little food.  I looked at the faces around the table and smiled.  God is so good.  So much greater than just a food provider.  It is sad I had to spend a day apart from them to notice that all-the-more.  I guess that is how the Holy Spirit works though.  Killing and making alive.  Jesus Christ is Lord!