Funny,isn’t it, that a kingdom may be ruled by a vote now.  Not only is our civil politic formed around the idea of the voter being king, but now also most unfortunately so is much of our beloved U.A.C Lutheran Church…

There is a distinct tension in saying the kingdom is now ruled by the vote.  As Christians that is a direct worldly assault against the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe Walther had in mind that the voters of the church would have Gospel and Creaturliness at the heart.  Their voting would be an exercise of their faith. Same as worship, tithing, neighborly service and care, husbandry and wifely duties.  For now though it seems like the vote is another matter of control rather than joy.  There is a great deal of politicking that is a polis other than the polis of the confession “Jesus is Lord!”

I, we, seem ever increasingly attached to a world that has definitively been overcome by our Lord.

Take heart, and have courage though my brothers and sisters.  Lean into the windiness of the blowing of this world and all its rage.  Cling and hold boldly fast to the Rock.