As Christians we do not speak a language the world understands. In-fact we speak foolish wisdom of a crucified and risen God of all Creation. There is nothing about that kind of speaking the world understands. I recently had a conversation in which I was told I needed to speak language the world understands, as a Christian, and perhaps also more precisely as a hopeful future pastor. No. I disagree. In church we are not to speak world friendly language. In our homes we are not to either. On the street we are not to speak a world friendly message. To do so makes a shame and idol of Christ. The preaching of Jesus to repent and believe is for the putting off of worldly sinful ways and being submerged, killed, and born again into a New Life, Light, and Kingdom. There is nothing friendly about that kind of speaking to our current old dead world governed by the devil. We speak a language the world does not understand, nor will it ever because it is the World. The world will remain sinful, corrupt, and opposed to God and our kind of speaking and doing until that Day.